Sergey Rachmaninov - The Bells - The Rock

Oleg Melnikov, bass | Helen Field, soprano | Ivan Choupenithch, tenor

RTE Philarmonic Choir

National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland | Alexander Anissimov

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The Rock, fantasy for orchestra (Utyos), Op. 7

Allegro, ma non tanto



Lento lugubre - Allegro - Andante - Tempo I

Recorder in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland

on the 7th December, 1996, and 24th and 25th March, 1997

Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes | Producer and Engineer: Tim Handley | Editor: Phil Rowlands

Cover Painting: The Evening Bell Tolls by Isaak Ilyich-Levitan (Bridgeman Art Library, UK)

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